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Huigu Pharmaceutical was invited to participate in“2016 China Child Health CareAcademic Annual Conference”


For further improving child health care level of China, completing discipline construction of child health care, promoting the continuous advancement of child care physicians in academic research and application, Child Health Care Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association held the China Child Health Care Academic Annual Conference in Crowne Plaza Shanghai during December 17-December 19, 2016.

Leaders of National Health and Family Planning Commission, famous domestic and foreign experts and scholars engaged in child health care, maternal and child health care professionals at all levelswere invited for giving keynote speech and presentation.More than 600 people participated in the conference. 

Theme of this annual conference was “For the health of every child”.Major sub-forums were as follows:

1.Youth committee member forum;

2.Early nutrition team for the first 1000 days of life;

3.Child psychological behavior forum;

4.Growth, nutrition and health forum;

5.Environment and children's health forum;

6.Rickets prevention forum;

7. Training course about appropriatehearing care technology for 0-6 years old children;

8.Child visual development, amblyopia and strabismus prevention and controlseminar.

Hainan Huigu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a dark horsein the field of pediatric medication, which has a lot of products in pediatrics and has obtained outstanding achievements in the field of pediatric care and treatment in recent years. Huigu Pharmaceutical participated in this conference as an exhibitor.During the period, the enterprise had an in-depth exchange with principal responsible person of Child Health Care Branch, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and reached a consensus for promoting the long-term professional cooperation with Child Health Care Branch, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association. During the conference, marketing department of the company deeply discussed the new situations and achievements in the field of child health care with experts and professors of child health care, and got alot of praise and affirmation, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation in related fields.

By utilizing the exhibition stand, Huigu Pharmaceutical has warmly interacted and exchanged various trends of pediatric prevention and health care with more than 200 specialists of department of children healthcare from China.

By participating in this conference, Huigu Pharmaceutical has obtained abundant achievements, strengthedexchange and cooperation; and further improved company brand and product brand, which has laid a solid foundation for future development of the enterprise.